We are excited to let you know that we released a new update with lots of new features and bug fixes. Here are some the features the new version has:

1. Preset Widgets

With the new version you will now be able to insert preset widget into your site anytime you want. We added 35+ preset widgets and will be adding a lot more with each update. You can access the preset widget window by Clicking the “Add Widget” button and then clicking the “Preset Widget” button. See it in action in this short screencast:

Note: All the image used In the Presets are CC0 open source Free photos. You can display/edit the image anyway you want without any restrictions.


2. Contact Widget made more flexible

We added lots of new options to make the Contact Widget a lot more flexible than it used to be. Here are some of the possibilities with the updated Contact Widget:


3. New Mobile Menu Types

One of the most common support questions we got from our users is how they can disable the mobile menu and display the desktop menu on mobile devices. To make our user’s lives easier we introduced 2 new mobile menu types that can be changed from Customize > Miscellaneous > Mobile Layout.


4. Menu Background Color

We added a Background Color option for the header menu. You can only change the color of the menu background when you set the” Logo/Site Title Alignment” option to “Above Menu (Center)” or “Above Menu (Left)”.


5. Nivo Slider Text Alignment Feature

The Static Slider Text Alignment Option Now works for Nivo Slider too.


6. Display Photosets with Flickr Shortcode

You can now display your Flickr Photosets with the Flickr Shortcode. Previously you could only display your latest photos from your Flickr account. This update allows you to display a certain photoset from your Flickr account. Just insert the Flickr Photoset id in your shortcode to display a specific Photoset.


We need your help!

Although we are getting great feedbacks about Optimizer in our support forum and emails, we are struggling to collect reviews where we need it the most. If you like Optimizer please rate us on wordpress.org, it will only take a few seconds.  It will help us get more downloads and motivate us to add more exciting features in future versions.

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Towhid is a Web developer & HubSpot certified Inbound Marketer. Co-founder of WPD and CMO at Optimizer WP. Love all things Football and very interested in how WordPress will change the industry.

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