One of the common question people asks about the WordPress comment system is how to remove the comments section from my pages. It’s a good feature for a blog posts, but not appropriate for pages.
There are times when you want to disable comment on your WordPress pages but not on post. You tried disabling the comments from admin settings, but you haven’t found any option to restricting comments on pages but allowing them in posts. But there is an option in WordPress to do that and you don’t need any plugins to do that. In this post we will show you how doing that, follow this step by step tutorial.

Lets see how we can disable comments in WordPress without plugin:

Disabling comments on a Single Page

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Pages
  2. Select the page. (Page you want to disable comment)
  3. Click on Screen Options tab and check the box beside DiscussionWordPress Screen Options
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom, you will find a discussion section. Uncheck Allow Comments & Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks
  5. And Click Publish/Update


Disabling Comments on All Pages

If you want to disable comments on more than one page, you can use bulk edit option.

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Pages
  2. Select the pages
  3. From the dropdown, select Edit
  4. From the Comments dropdown, select Do not allow and click ApplyWordPress Pages
  5. Click Update


Disabling Comments on Posts

To keep the comments on Posts, make sure comments are turned on. If not, go to Settings -> Discussion

WordPress Comment Settings


Disabling Comments using Plugins:

Using plugins you can disable comments on certain post types or pages easily. Let’s see how we can disable comments using plugin “Disable Comments”.

  1. Download & install Disable Comments
  2. Now navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Disable Comments
  3. There you will be presented with two options
    Everywhere: If you select the option “Everywhere”, comments section will be disable for you whole site.
    On Certain post types: You can check beside the post type you want to disable comments.
  4. Click on Save Changes.
Towhid is a Web developer & HubSpot certified Inbound Marketer. Co-founder of WPD and CMO at Optimizer WP. Love all things Football and very interested in how WordPress will change the industry.

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