Advanced Text Widget

Write text, HTML, add an image.

1. Advanced Text Widget 1. Advanced Text Widget 2

Example: Advanced Text Widget


Biography Widget

Show off Your Authors or Team Members

Countdown Widget

Set & display countdown timer

3. Countdown Widget

Example: Coming Soon Widget


Facebook Likebox Widget

Show Facebook Likebox of your Facebook Page

7.Facebook Likebox Widget

Example: Facebook Likebox Widget



Flickr Photostream Widget

Display anyone’s Flickr photostream

9.Flickr Photostream Widget

Example: Flickr Photostream Widget


Google+ Followers Widget

Show Google+ Followers

10.Google+ Followers Widget

Example: Google+ Followers Widget



Instagram Widget

Show your Instagram photos


Pinterest Pin Board

Show your recent Pinterest pins (Max 25 pins)

14.Pinterest Pin Board

Example: Pinterest Pin Board Widget


Responsive Video Widget

Show your YouTube and Vimeo videos

18.Responsive Video Widget

Example: Responsive Video Widget


Slider Widget

Slider Widget that lets you display slide shows

19.Slider Widget

Example: Image Slider Widget


Social Bookmark Widget

Social widget to display your Social Follow Buttons

Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin, Pinterest,Tumblr, Instagram

Social Widget

Example: Social Bookmark Widget