Site Layout


The Optimizer is designed in a way that the whole site can be switched between Full Width or Boxed layout. And this layout will be applied throughout the entire site.

Boxed Layout                                                 Full-width Layout

Site-Layout---Boxed Site-Layout---Full-Width


How To Choose / Change Site Layout

To change the site layout

  1. Go to Dashboard ->Appearance->Customize->Basic-> Site Layout
  2. Select your site layout (Boxed or Full Width) from the Site Layout drop-down
  3. Wait until the page will refresh, you’ll see an instant preview on the right
  4. If you like the changes, click on Save & Publish


Full-Width Layout

In a Full-width site layout, there is no extra space reserved around the box. Site contents are presented in a wide layout.
Boxed Layout

In Boxed layout, your site’s content will look like as if it’s inside a box. You can even change the width of the box and background color behind the box.

If you select Boxed Layout, additional options will appear. Like the width of the box and  box background color.

Make your changes and hit save.