Transparent header

By default Optimizer is set to have a transparent header on Frontpage. To disable the transparent header on frontpage, Go to Customize > Header > Header and disable the “Transparent Header on Frontpage” option. When you disable this option, a solid header background color will appear that you can change by using the “Header Background Color” option.

To make the header transparent on other pages, in the Page edit screen, from the “Optimizer Options” box, enable the “Make Header Transparent” option only for that page. Be sure to also add a Page Header image for that page from the “Page Header” tab.


Header color for other pages

To change the header background Color for all pages, Go to Customize > Header > Header Background color. You can also add a Background Image to your header by adding an image through the “Header Background Image” option.


Sticky Header [PRO]

To make the header always stick to top, go to Customize > Header > Header and enable the “Stick Header” option.


Align Header to Left [PRO]

To make the header align to left, go to Customize > Header > Header and enable the “Show Header on left” option.