Setting up Social Links


You can link your Social Media Page/ Accounts and display them in Top Bar, Header & Footer.

To configure social settings, go to Appearance-> Customize -> Miscellaneous-> Social Links

  1. Social Link Icon Style: Select the shape of the icon (Simple | Rounded | Square | Hexagon)
  2. Display Icons Color: Turn on for color social icon or off (then it will be decided by Footer Copyright Text Color)
  3. Position: Select the position of Social Links (Top Bar | Header | Footer)
  4. Size: Select the size of the social icons (Normal | Large)
  5. Account/Page URL – Copy & paste your social media account pages URL

It currently supports below social networks

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Plus
  4. YouTube
  5. Flickr
  6. Linkedin
  7. Pinterest
  8. Tumblr
  9. Instagram
  10. RSS