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Setting Up Custom Font

Backing Up the theme Settings

  1. To Convert your font to web friendly format, go to and upload your font file (.ttf or .otf format). Click the Convert button and after conversion process are done. Click the “Download” button.
  2. Extract the zip file that you just downloaded. You will find 3 files inside it. 1 ttf file, 1 eot file and 1 woff file.
  3. Go to Customize > Miscellaneous > Custom Fonts and upload all the files to their respective fields and then click the activate button.


You can now access your font under font from these places:

  1. Customize > Basic > Basic Fonts.
  2. Customize > Header > Site Title & Logo > Site Title Font
  3. Inside the Editor Click the “Font Select” dropdown list to access the custom font and apply to any text inside the editor.