Setting up Static Slider Slideshow


With Optimizer PRO you can display a Slideshow with a fixed content on top of it. To do that,

  1. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Front page -> Slider-> Slider Type
  2. Select “Static slide” from the drop down menu. (Wait for the page to refresh so changes can take place)
  3. Click the “Slideshow” tab.
  4. Now click on “Add Slides” to add your images.
  5. Select the images and click on “Add to Gallery”.
  6. Re-order the images if you want and then click on “Update Gallery” to add images to your slideshow.
  7. To Add/Change Text of the Video Slider, click the “Edit Content” button and add your content.
  8. Click on Button 1 & Button 2 to add your button text, link. If you want to hide the buttons, simply clear out the “Button Text” field.
  9. Set your content box width & position from Slider Content Box Width & Content Box Vertical Position.
  10. The Video is not displayed on mobile devices because of apple’s policy on not auto playing videos on mobile device. So you will need to setup an Image for mobile devices, which will be displayed instead of the Video. You can add the Fallback image by clicking the “Image” tab beside the “Video” tab.
  11. Click the Save & Publish Button to save your changes.