Setting Up the Nivo Slider


Nivo Slider that comes built into Optimizer lets you display different slides each with different content and buttons. To setup a Nivo slider

  1. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Front Page -> Slider-> Slider Type
  2. Select Nivo slider from the drop down menu.
  3. Wait for the page to refresh so changes can take place
  4. Click on Nivo / Accordion Slider Settings
  5. Click on Add Slides to upload images
  6. From the popup click on Add to Slider from the left hand side
  7. Click on Upload Files tab to upload images
  8. Now click on each image individually and fill up the following
    Title:Write a title of your slide.
    Description: If you want to display a description of each image or slide, you can write here.
    Button Text: Your button text
    Button Link: If you want to link you slide with other content. Just put the contents RL here.
  1. Click on Update and in the next window reorder your slider images according to your need and hit Update
  2. Configure below options (optional)

Hide Slider Text: Turn On/Off slider text that appear on top of slider image
Slider Title Font Size: Set your font size in px (e.g.: 32px)
Nivo Slider Pause Time: Set transition time; How long each slide will be shown before the next slide appears.

  1. Click on Save & Publish

Tip: If you have large images you can resize them using Follow this video tutorial, to learn how to resize images online.