Installing Optimizer using FTP


To install a WordPress Theme via FTP, follow these steps (We will be using Filezilla as our FTP Client):

  1. First Open up Filezilla
  2. Enter the FTP account details provided by your web host in Host, Username & Password field
    Host: Server hostname (
    Username: Your Username
    Password: Your Password
  3. Once connected, you’ll see two panes.
    Left Pane: Shows the files on your computer
    Right Pane: Shows the files currently on the web server.
  4. Locate your root folder (usually the folder is named “public_html” but it could also be ”www”)
  5. Now extract the zip file you downloaded earlier ( and then drag & drop the unzipped theme folder to wp-content/themes/ directory.
  6. After the upload is complete activate the theme by going to Appearance -> Themes from WordPress Dashboard.