Optimizer Changelog

Change log for Optimizer Free version

0.7.4 (12th Aug, 2020 )

  • Added: Posts Widget Pagination enhancement.
  • Fixed: Posts Widget’s Layout 4 displayed pagination twice.
  • Fixed: Blocks Widget could not be edited.

0.7.3 (10th Aug, 2020 )

  • Added: WordPress 5.5 Compatibility.
  • Added: latest Woocommerce version compatibility.
  • Fixed: Few performance issues.

0.7.1 (16th Jan, 2020 )

  • Fixed: Static Slider’s second button could not be edited.

0.7.0 (16th Dec, 2019 )

  • Added: New Option to Disable Static Slider Parallax effect.
  • Added: Ability to change Font Size and Family in Text Editor.
  • Added: Ability to Add up-to 6 widgets on your frontpage, instead of 4.
  • Fixed: Optimizer Customize layouts had multiple bugs.
  • Fixed: Slider Vertical content option did not move.

0.6 (31st May, 2018 )

  • Added: Telegram icon support in Social Icons section.
  • Added: GDPR Comment checkbox style.
  • Added: WD Insagram feed plugin Compatibility
  • Updated: Fontawesome Icons to 4.7.
  • Fixed: Single Post page’s Microformat issue.
  • Fixed: Customizer Layout.

0.5.2 (15th May, 2017 )

  • Fixed: Search Widget text was not Translatable and the layout was broken.
  • Fixed: All the social links were shown in Customizer even when the links were not added.
  • Fixed: Customizer welcome message cannot be closed in iPhone.
  • Fixed: Next /Previous Posts displayed wrong thumbnails.
  • Fixed: Posts Widget’s title could be read in mobile layout .
  • Added: Site Origin Builder Support .

0.4.8 (5th December, 2016 )

  • Added: WordPress 4.7 Compatibility.

0.4.6 (20th September, 2016 )

  • Added: Footer Menu Location. Now you can display menu in footer.
  • Added: A new layout in Posts Widget.
  • Added: Hide Tagline Option
  • Fixed: The slider vertical content option does not work in laptop with 1368px screens
  • Fixed: Theme lightbox was conflicting with jetpack tiled galleries.

0.4.4 (20th June, 2016 )

  • Added: Siteorigin Builder and Beaver Builder compatibility
  • Added: Updated Font Awesome.
  • Fixed:  Submenu was not reachable with ipad (landscape).
  • Fixed: Post Widget did not work properly in Sidebars.

0.4.1 (10th April, 2016 )

  • Added: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility.
  • Added: Updated Font Awesome.
  • Fixed:  Blocks were not lining up correctly.
  • Fixed: Social Icons were not visible in hamburger menu.

0.4.0 (26th February, 2016 )

  • Added: Made PHP 7 Compatible
  • Added: Now Support 30 Social media Bookmark Links.
  • Fixed: About widget’s h1 tag changed to h2 following SEO best practice.
  • Fixed: Footer had a empty blank space above it.
  • Fixed: Excerpt Length Can now be modified with Custom functions.

0.3.7 (10th December, 2015 )

  • Fixed: Static Slider with non-transparent header doesn’t work.
  • Fixed: Slider, Footer content was not translatable with multi-lingual plugins.
  • Fixed: Buddypress activity page showing all comments.
  • Fixed: Widget Color options cannot be selected
  • Fixed: Post thumbnails are not visible on 2nd/3rd pages.
  • Fixed: Few Responsive issues.

0.3.6 (22nd September, 2015 )

  • Fixed: Critical Bug causing sites to not load properly.

0.3.5 (21st September, 2015 )

  • Fixed: Slider Image looked stretched.
  • Fixed: The Options sometimes used to disappear.
  • Fixed: Sometimes The menu displayed hamburger in some browsers.
  • Fixed: Tablepress plugin Compatibility.
  • Fixed: Posts Widget used to load draft posts too.
  • Fixed: Transparent Header color was not working.
  • Fixed: Few strings were not translatable

0.3.3 (27th August, 2015 )

  • Fixed: The Post Widget’s category option was not working.

0.3.2 (20th August, 2015 )

  • Added: WordPress 4.3 compatibility.
  • Added: Posts Widget now has 2 Woocommerce Products Layouts!
  • Added: Slider Text Alignment. You can now align Static Slide text to left, right and center.
  • Added: Input fields and forms can be added in Slider Content.
  • Fixed: The Customizer did not work when there were no pages created in your site.
  • Fixed: Transparent Header color was not working.
  • Fixed: Widget title in Customizer Options showed weird characters when german dialects were added.
  • Fixed:  Custom Css  converted apostrophes to \’
  • Fixed: Font family was not working in child theme.

0.3.1 (9th August, 2015 )

  • Fixed: “Header Already Sent” error that prevented some users to login to dashboard.
  • Fixed: Shortcodes did not parse in Widget Title. Now you can use Shortcodes inside widget titles too.
  • Fixed: Blocks Widget sometimes collapsed on each other.
  • Fixed: Mobile Layout Options not working.
  • Fixed: Slider Image not visible in Touch Devices/mobiles
  • Enhancement: Changed the look of Comment form submit button.

0.3.0 (3rd August, 2015 )

  • BIG Update: Theme Options moved to Customizer. Frontpage Elements converted to widgets. Please Read this Before Updating the theme.

0.2.2 (4th May, 2015 )

  • Added: PHP 5.3 and 5.4 Compatibility.
  • Fixed: Comment from input fields look ugly.
  • Fixed: Static Slider looks broken on mobile and tabs if there is no slider content.

0.2.1 (28th April, 2015 )

  • Fixed: Slider Responsiveness.
  • Fixed: Settings > Reading > Frontpage Displays > Static page > Posts page Not working.
  • Fixed: If there was no widgets added to sidebar it displayed an empty space.
  • Fixed: Sidebar is not displayed on archive/search pages
  • Fixed: Internet explorer header image not responsive.
  • Fixed: Blocks looked weird when the blocks size are not same.
  • Fixed: Made the footer always sticks to the bottom even when the page is too short.
  • Fixed: Woocommerce products not visible.
  • Updated: Font Awesome icons to 4.3.0

0.2.0 (7th April, 2015 )

  • Fixed: Front page posts broken thumbnails.
  • Fixed: If Front page blocks are not equal they look weird.
  • Fixed: Front page posts category filter not working.
  • Fixed: Blog page template posts category filter not working.


  • Initial Release